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GARSIS incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation in March 2001. The main activity is the production and supply of petroleum products.


Our company - an active participant in the Russian fuel market, successfully participate in tender procedures Russian biggest oil refineries and sellers of petroleum products, and proven itself as a reliable, trustworthy partner.


The company has successfully passed accreditation and received a positive assessment on the compliance with the qualification requirements for potential buyers and suppliers of oil products, gas processing and petrochemical industry,  in JSC "NK" Rosneft "and in JSC" Slavneft-Yaroslavl Refinery. "





For more than fourteen-year period we have gained invaluable experience of cooperation with the major energy companies in Russia and, at the moment, our priority is to develop our own  production of additives to diesel fuel. To be able to supply these products to the Russian Federation, we have successfully carried out the tests and state registration of products. According to test results the whole range of additives, received a positive opinion of "All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining" (JSC "VNII NP") and the FAA "25 State Scientific Research Institute Chemmotology the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation", recieved the certificate of conformity of products and expert opinion on the conformity of production of the Uniform sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic requirements for goods subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control), in addition, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) a registration was carried cetane additive and anti-wear additives, and also obtained the safety data sheet (MSDS) on the entire line of products. These documents can be found in "Products" section.


The above allows our company to make delivery of the goods to any refinery of the Russian Federation, and also export products to the EU countries.


A fundamental target of the Company GARCIS is robust, effective and balanced providing consumers with diesel fuel, gasoline, other energy resources and products of their processing. The presence of direct contracts with leading energy companies of Russia allow us to offer You a wide range of products and services at affordable and competitive prices.